Amanda Stoker and Pauline Hanson up for final Queensland senate spot

When the votes rolled in on election night most political analysts predicted that there would not be enough votes to return Liberal senator Amanda Stoker, but as counting as continued it looks like Senator Stoker may be making a comeback.

Initial predications were that having been given the third spot on the Liberal senate ticket there was little chance that Senator Stoker would be returned, and it was likely that the final sixth senate spot in Queensland would be battled out between One Nation’s Pauline Hanson and Legalise Cannabis Australia’s Bernard Bradley.

The latest update from the tally room shows that the final numbers have come down to a race between senators Stoker and Hanson, and postal votes have given the edge to the Liberals.

There’s still an estimated 700,000 postal votes to count and it will all come down to the preferences people have indicated. The counting has been described as a neck-and-neck race with each remaining candidate taking turns of being in the lead. Counting of the final votes is expected to take another week.

The first five senate spots have gone to Liberal Senator James McGrath and the Nationals Matt Canavan, Labor picked up two spots with Murray Watt and  anthony Chisholm. The Greens also secured an additional senator with Penny Allman-Payne set to join the parliament.

OIP Staff

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