Amanda-Sue Markham says her religious views are not for discussion

Embattled Liberal candidate Amanda-Sue Markham has responded to questions about her views of religion and homosexuality, saying her religious beliefs should not be up for discussion.

Speaking to WA Today on Saturday Markham said she would not be drawn on whether she shared the views of her husband Pastor Campbell Markham, who has made a range of statements about homosexuality.

Markham said she had already addressed the issue when she ran in Tasmania for the Liberals in the 2016 and 2019 federal elections.

“I know there are many people who don’t share my religion, but I don’t believe my faith — which I have never sought to make an election issue — should be the subject of constant interrogation by the media,” she said.

“This story was covered by the media and dealt with almost five years ago, since then I have been a federal candidate for the Liberal Party twice and now a state candidate in WA.

“I am a Liberal because I believe in the values of individual responsibility, the importance of volunteering, caring for those who need help and the freedom of religion.

“I have raised four children to adulthood, worked hard towards a post-graduate education in health, and care for my community on the frontline as an intensive care nurse.” Markham said.

WA Premier Mark McGowan has said it’s not unreasonable for electors to want to know where Markham stands on issues.

“I think the most important thing that could happen here is the candidate needs to be able to speak and explain her views in relation to these matters,” Premier McGowan said. “The people of Victoria Park deserve to know.”

Markham hit back at the Premier’s comments saying she should be judged on her own merit as a woman.

“Let’s be clear, the comments referred to by the Premier are not my comments,” she said.

“As a candidate, I should be considered on my own merit as a woman.

“I am ready and able to represent the people of Victoria Park.”

OUTinPerth has contacted Amanda-Sue Markham and asked if she can share her views on a range of issues that may be of interest to LGBTI voters who live in the seat of Victoria Park.

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