American version of Eurovision set to premiere in 2021

America might be getting it’s own version of Eurovision with plans to create a US based version of the iconic singing competition.

A trailer for the show has appeared online, showing the excitement of the European event that has been filled with superstars, controversy and more than a few comical moments over its five decade history.

Creating a US version of the event has been pitched many times over the years, but it looks like it might become a reality in 2021. The show would see solo singers, duos, trios and groups of up to six members taking part in an event that would see different states of the USA battling for the top prize.

Production Company Propagate Content is behind the proposed US version and it’s been a long held desire of  Executive Producer Ben Silverman to pull off a US version of the competition.

“I’ve spent 20 years trying to pursue this.” said the producer who was behind the US versions of The Weakest Link, The Office and Big Brother.

“When I was chairman of NBC, when I was an agent at William Morris and when I started at Reveille. I just love the format.

“When America is more fractionalized than ever and we are dealing with so many issues that divide us, the one [thing] that truly unites us is our culture. … It can unite it by celebrating its diversity, its distinctions and in pulling everyone around its love of music and its love of song.”

Many Americans were introduced to Eurovision this year via the Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. 

OIP Staff

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