Anthony Rapp on playing Star Trek’s first fully fledged gay character

Trekkies and science fiction fans alike are buzzing with excitement as Star Trek’s latest instalment draws nearer to its premiere.

LGBT+ fans of the series will finally see themselves boldly go where no-one has gone before, as not one but two queer characters join the cast of Star Trek: Discovery, and a gay relationship is given in-depth exploration.

While the most recent Star Trek film gave passing a brief glimpse of a same-sex relationship when it revealed Lieutenant Sulu was gay, the new series will feature a gay couple front and centre.

Rent star Anthony Rapp, will play the first gay character in the series’ five-decade history on television, as science officer Lieutenant Stamets. Rapp will be partnered with fellow out actor Wilson Cruz, his on-screen boyfriend Dr. Hugh Culber.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Rapp said he finds it a little strange an openly gay character hasn’t featured in a program with such a progressive history.

“I’m really honoured and proud to get to carry that particular flag,” Rapp said.

“The fact of my character’s sexual orientation is just a fact among many, and is treated just as simply and straightforwardly as any other fact of the other characters.”

“I’m really excited and happy when a gay character is a part of a story — especially when a gay character is created in a complex and human and non-stereotypical, interesting way, and that has certainly been the case with Stamets.”

“We actually get to see me with my partner in conversation, in our living quarters, you get to see our relationship over time, treated as any other relationship would be treated.”

Star Trek: Discovery hits Netflix Australia on September 25.

OIP Staff, 23:15 29-08-17 additional information added to improve clarity. 

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