Anti gay conference opens with rainbow flag interpretive dance number

An anti-gay group’s conference has been opened with an interpretive dance number featuring rainbow flags and uplifting house music.

US group Mass Resistance’s recent get-together featured something special from Derek Paul, who took to the stage with two rainbow flags.

While the clip of Paul performing his interpretive dance moves has been widely ridiculed online over the last few days, the conference it opened was spreading a much more sinister agenda.

The ‘Truth4Teens’ conference is Dallas, Texas was organised by Mass Resistance. The right wing group has been designated as a gay hate group by the respected Southern Poverty Law Centre.

The conference was focussed on fighting against LGBTI issues in schools and the media, and promoted conversion therapy for LGBT teenagers.

The flag waving minister from Florida later took part in a Facebook live-stream where he said people who embrace a gay lifestyle will “go to hell”.

Paul said that people had to realise that they cannot “outrun” God, “You will never be too far away from Him, there’s nowhere you can run, you can’t get away from Him, He will always find you, He will always be there for you, He will not let you enjoy your sin.”

Joining in the conversation, Robert Oscar Lopez, who runs the Dallas chapter of Mass Resistance, said teens were only seeing an idealised image of the gay community. Lopez said people were attracted to being gay because they thought they’d get better clothes and fitter bodies.

“So many people are exposed to some idealised version of the gay community, I can picture tons of people thinking ‘Oh Wow! This is like, everyone has a great body, and they have such great clothes, and they all seem to be fun and everyone loves them, so let me become part of it.” Lopez said.

Lopez said most people joining the gay community didn’t actually want to do anything sexual.

Later in the conference Derek Paul shared that he spent eleven years as a competitive cheerleader, and it had given him the opportunity to see a gay lifestyle “up close” and he now prays for all the male cheerleaders who have come out.

We haven’t checked yet, but suspect Paul’s flag dance might contain secret semaphore messages.

OIP Staff

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