Ásgeir releases new tune ‘Lazy Giants’ – check out the video

Icelandic artist Ásgeir has shared the second single from his forthcoming album Bury The Moon.

New track Lazy Giants peers into the lingering spectre of economic collapse. Born out of an old demo recording session, the song we hear today is drastically different from the country-folk guitar driven original. Vintage keys and synths shimmer atop a crisp drumbeat – the sparse song shivers with the echoes of isolation.

The singer’s new album Bury The Moon – or Sátt, to give the record its Icelandic title – begins with heartbreak and escape. Ásgeir watched a long-term relationship disintegrate, and decided that he needed to get away, to lose himself in the endless Icelandic countryside.

Retreating to a summerhouse – a tiny rural home used by those on the island – he spent the winter writing, just him, his guitar, and those endless reflections on love and loss.

The album will be released in both English and Icelandic.

Take a look at the video. 

OIP Staff

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