Australia & NZ’s first joint bisexual conference kicks off this weekend

Major news for Australia and New Zealand’s bisexual+ communities, as organisations and individuals from both nations come together for the first Bi+ focused conference.

Stand Bi Us will host over 30 free events, both online and in person, as part of a week-long celebration of Bi+ Visibility Day, marked on September 23rd.

“Bisexuals (Bi+ is a term used here to refer to all multi-gender-attracted folk, including pansexuals) have long been the silent B in LGBTQIA+, often suffering stigma, misunderstanding, and invisibility from both queer and heterosexual communities,” the organisers said in a media release.

“The Stand Bi Us Conference aims to celebrate community, visibility and expression, across Australia and New Zealand (and beyond).”

The conference will kick off with a discussion with Shiri Eisner, author of Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution, which will be followed by a plethora of Bi+ oriented events including meet-ups, virtual cuppas and games, research, performances and presentations.

Here in WA, the festival will culminate with the annual Bi+ Visibility Day Picnic, hosted by the friendly folks at Bi+ Community Perth.

Stand Bi Us Conference will be held from September 18th – 27th. For more information head to

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