Australian Christian Lobby to target moderate Liberals at election

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has announced it will target moderate Liberals who crossed the floor and voted against the Morrison Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill.

ACL Managing Director Martyn Iles said that while the lobby group’s campaign may drive votes towards parties that even less aligned with his organisation’s values, it was part of a long term strategy to encourage the Liberal party to back candidates who are from the conservative side of politics.

Appearing on The Rita Panahi Show on Sky News Iles explained the ALC’s view was they’d be better off in the long run if moderate Liberals were unseated, even if it lead to a Labor win at the election.

“It’s a long term campaign.” Iles said. “We’ve had to look at what’s going on in the Liberal party, and I have to say, the Liberal party – she aint what she used to be.”

“You have people there who are trying to take control of the agenda and really take it away from basic Liberal values.” Iles said.

“It’s time someone held them to account, and we are looking longer term, it’s not just actually about this election, it’s about trying to change the paradigm long term, where people who stand up for these sorts of anti-Liberal agendas are called to account, and they’re a little bit slower to do it in the future.”

Iles defended the Australian Christian Lobby, saying the unexpected strategy would be worth it in the long run.

“We know it’s a risk, but it’s a risk worth taking. I’m not sure how else the Liberal party is going to rediscover it’s ideological soul, other than really reflect on the fact that it can’t allow rogues to cross the floor like this and undermine Liberal values.”

Liberal MPs Trent Zimmerman, Katie Allen, Fiona Martin, Bridget Archer and Dave Sharma are all on the ACL’s hit list, alongside South Australian MP Rebekah Sharkie who put forward the successful amendment to the government’s legislation that would of allowed for greater protections for students who are same-sex attracted or transgender.

“There has to be consequences.” Iles said.

Speaking to The Australian Iles said the five Liberal MPs are stopped Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s promise of a Religious Discrimination Bill from becoming a reality.

“A promise is a promise. And the fact that you have rebel MPs prepared to undermine it, I think it shows that, in sections of the government, there is a belief they don’t have to worry about what they would call the base, their core constituency.” Iles said.

The Australian Christian Lobby says it will activate an army of thousands of volunteers to assist conservative candidates and target Liberal moderates.

While the amended bill did pass the House of Representatives the government later pulled the long promised legislation.

Martyn Iles says the Morrison government has “overseen some really bad stuff”

In a video posted on Wednesday night Iles said the Morrison government had “overseen some really bad stuff” during the current term of parliament.

“That is the reality we have to confront. This Coalition government has overseen the falling over of the long-promised Religious Discrimination Bill. It was killed off at the eleventh hour by members of the Coalition.

“Millions of dollars have also been tipped into school programs that teach gender bending, that teach queer sexuality, that teach explicit sexual concepts, in primary schools, in high schools.” Iles said.

The ACL managing Director also said the Morrison government had also failed to deliver a review of how children were treated for gender dysphoria.

Deporting tennis player Novack Djokovic, establishing the Media Bargaining Code, not fighting Western Australia’s hard border and increasing debt during the Covid-19 pandemic were also on the Australian Christian Lobby’s list of gripes with the government.

“We don’t love abortion. We don’t love euthanasia. We don’t love queer education, we don’t love compromised Christian schools, we don’t love the loss of religious freedom, and so on and so forth.” Iles said.

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