Australian Sikh leader says marriage equality will destroy humanity

JAGDEVThe secretary of the National Sikh Council of Australia, Bawa Singh Jagdev, has told a Senate Inquiry Committee that marriage equality will “destroy the human race.”

Mr Jagdev, who was awarded the Order of Australia in 2012, also said he believes same-sex couples should call their relationships “homo-unions” during his submission to the Senate Inquiry into the government’s marriage equality bill.

“What the proponents of the bill are proposing and supporting is against the law of nature,” Jagdev said.

“God created humans on this planet to propagate the human race and not to destroy it. This bill will destroy the whole human race.”

Speaking at the inquiry on behalf of the National Sikh Council of Australia, Jagdev says gay people should have the right to relationships without redefining marriage.

“Give it a different name, such as “homo union”, and recognise the relationship.”

Former Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard awarded Mr Jagdev the Order of Australia in 2012. Labor’s current Shadow Minister for Equality Terri Butler has condemned his comments as “disrespectful.”

“They are out of step with modern values and community standards. They’re a good reminder of why Labor did not support the plebiscite. If we had, this sort of language could have been amplified through a publicly funded ‘no’ case.”

OIP Staff


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