Author T. H. Forest shares new novel ‘Twinkies and Beefcake’

UK author T. H. Forest has released a new queer coming-of-age story with their latest novel.

Twinkies and Beefcake promises a jaw-dropping tale about bullying, sex, addiction, redemption, and the longing for true love at any cost.

Robby, a sharp-witted and posh London teenager, spends his days with his best friend Dee, sharing secrets and yearning for sex and love, while also dodging the torment of bullies from his elite prep-school. When he meets the man of his dreams, he falls fast. Maybe too fast.

Hailing from the dregs of Manchester, and twelve years Robby’s senior, Vas is gorgeous and irresistible, and swears he’s equally smitten with Robby. But, in the midst of their wild sexual exploration of each other, the cameras come out, as do the drugs, and the booze. Soon, Robby is in over his head: addicted, porn-famous, and still yearning for love.

Amid family tensions, trips to rehab, and finishing university, Robby’s past finally catches up to him when a bully from secondary re-enters his life and everything is exposed.

Robby is forced to contend fully with the trauma of his adolescence so that he can find, and be with, his soulmate. Striving for happiness, inner-peace, and true love, Robby must decide if his sins can ever be overcome.

Twinkies and Beefcake is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

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