Baby Queen shares video for new tune ‘You Shaped Hole’

Baby Queen has a brand new song and video, You Shaped Hole is an instantly catchy pop jam.

The woman behind the moniker is South African born, London-based, musician Bella Latham. She brought out her debut EP Medicine late last year, and throughout 2021 has released a steady stream of killer tunes.

This is the sixth track from her forthcoming mix tape The Yearbook.

The experiences that informed the songs on The Yearbook unfolded when Latham moved to London from South Africa at 18, joined rock bands and fell in love and headfirst into the city’s party scene.

“It’s important to be able to capture a full range of emotion,” she says of the songs on The Yearbook, which include previous releases These Drugs, Dover Beach, and American Dream.

“I want the listener to feel like they’re on the top of a London bus, travelling through a city they’ve moved to for the very first time, seeing the world through new eyes.” the artist said of her upcoming collection of tunes.

Speaking of her latest offering, Latham said she wanted to take people back to the time they were in High School.

“I really wanted this video to bring the adolescent tumult of the song to life. It’s set in a high school in North East London and follows a solitary journey through heartbreak, pain and the boundless determination to rise above those feelings.” Latham said of her new clip.

“I wanted to capture the passion I felt when I wrote it, and there was something about the idea of dancing around empty hallways and yelling the lyrics into the abyss that felt intimate and strangely familiar.”

Take a look at the Baby Queen video.

OIP Staff

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