Bibliophile | The 5-Minute Salad Lunchbox is a massive timesaver

The 5-Minute Salad Lunchbox
by Alexander Hart
Smith Street Books

Preparing lunch often comes last in the mental list of things to do when getting ready for a busy work day. Unfortunately the cost of buying lunch soon mounts up, as does the calories of often unhealthy selections. When you factor in a partner or children as well as a total lack of early morning inspiration, the situation becomes rather desperate.

Alexander Hart has come to the rescue with a book of salads that can be prepared quickly and remain fresh until lunchtime with dressings that can be added just before the healthy feast. There are 52 recipes, accompanied by photographs of the final masterpieces. Prioritising nutrition, many of the recipes use low-carb and wholegrain ingredients with protein and fresh produce.

Amongst the classic salads, there are Vegan salads, grain salads, noodle salads and even salads that make use of the previous night’s leftovers. So use this opportunity to step away from your work station and enjoy exploring the taste possibilities offered by this tantalising collection of quick-to-make salads for busy people. And there’s nothing stopping you from having a lunchbox salad for dinner as well!

Lezly Herbert