Binary targets Olay for using a man in their advertisements

Binary, the non-profit organisation dedicated to campaigning for gender roles to be clearly defined into male and female, have picked cosmetic brand Olay as their latest target.

CEO Kirralie Smith email supporters, posted the group’s website and took to social media, to share her upset at Olay featuring a man in their sponsored social media post.

Recently the brand highlighted a post from Brisbane based Instagram star Michael Finch, who was highlighted the brand’s Regenerist Whip Cream.

“It makes you wonder if Olay even know who their customers are.” Smith said.

“Most women do not want to look like a hairy faced, caked-on make-up made up fella.” Smith said of the images of Finch.

“Will using Olay cause women to grow a beard?” Smith asked her followers.

The Binary CEO said the company has previously targeted middle-aged women “with gorgeous, flawless beauties enjoying life, who appear natural and authentic.”

“Their latest ad strays a long way from their roots, and their customer base.” Smith said, asking followers if it would be another case of  “go woke, go broke?”

The phrase has become a catch-cry of conservatives who target businesses that support progressive values including support for the LGBTIQ community.

“Seriously, how many women want to look like a shiny-faced, hairy man?” Smith said of Finch’s support for the skin cream.

The world famous brand has however been including men amongst their customers for many years, and have also run campaigns supporting the LGBTIQ+ community.

OUTinPerth reached out to Proctor and Gamble for comment, and contacted Michael Finch. 

OIP Staff

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