Bizarre UK advertisement baffles the world

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UK garden and homeware chain Robert Dyas has released a new television ad for Christmas that has the world asking, “Why?”

The odd clip features staff and patrons of the store declaring their sexual orientation before listing their personal interests and showcasing products from the store.

The declarations, which would make for great Grindr bios, have confused British viewers Рcatapulting the ad to viral status across the globe.

Some suspect the odd performance may be a reference to an ad from The Red House, a furniture store based in the USA.

The ad raises a number of pressing questions. Do YOU love shopping at Robert Dyas? Would the Christmas tree be perfect for a trans person? Why is the minion so terrifying? What was James implying about the drill? Does anyone have the guy in the grey hoodie’s phone number?

Watch the video below and share your questions with us.

Leigh Hill

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