Bob Katter wants the ‘Folau Clause’ back in Religious Discrimination bill

Bob Katter

Independent MP Bob Katter has declared he wants to see the controversial ‘Folau Clause’ put back into the Religious Discrimination bill before it’s passed by the House of Representatives.

The third iteration of the bill has removed many of the most controversial elements of earlier drafts including a provision that would give legal protection to an individual from having their employment terminated as a result of expressing their religious belief.

The clause is named after Rugby player Israel Folau who had his employment contract terminated by Rugby Australia after he broke the organisation’s social media policy by posting biblical statements that were heavily criticised in the media.

The Queensland MP says to get his support the bill will need to include the provision.

“The whole intention of this Bill is to protect against religious persecution; people who are being punished because of their religious belief,” Katter said.

“Israel Folau was punished with the termination of his Rugby contract for simply posting and reading from the Bible.

“It is one thing to agree or disagree with the Bible, that is your privilege. It is another thing to start punishing people for expressing their beliefs from the Bible, then you are in big trouble indeed.

“There is no Folau clause in the Bill, so I don’t know why the Morrison Government is introducing this legislation.” Katter said.

Katter has also raised concern about the bill’s definition of what constitutes a religious belief.

The legislation is expected to be debated in the House of Representatives next week, which is the final week of parliament for 2021.

OIP Staff

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