Books: The Industry

by Rose Foster (Harper Collins)

 Apart from being in advanced mathematics and science classes at her Melbourne school, sixteen year-old Kira Haywood feels that she is anonymous. Keeping up to date with her homework is one way to fly beneath the radar but she resents it when teachers set time-wasting tasks with no academic purpose. That is why she types ‘puzzles’ into her school computer’s search engine at lunchtime and comes across a competition asking to ‘crack the code’. She sends in her solution and is disappointed that she doesn’t get immediate feedback. Then, a few days later, she is abducted while walking home from school, bundled into an aeroplane and imprisoned at some anonymous location. Her code-breaking skills have made her a valuable commodity but she does not welcome her world being turned upside down and thrown into a world of espionage. Rose Foster lives in Melbourne and studies creative writing at RMIT University. Her first novel is a fast-paced adventure where young Kira has to learn to survive in a world that is as far away from her previous life as possible. It is a world where no one can be trusted and there is no going back. I can hardly wait for the sequel.

 Lezly Herbert

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