Breaking Bad star says “gay and lesbian sh*t” is “redundant”

Actor and comedian Lavell Crawford has caused a stir with his comments about the LGBTI community in a recent interview.

The Breaking Bad star, known for his role as Saul Goodman’s protector Huell, told VLAD TV he believes that being gay is a choice and people should look harder for a heterosexual partner.

“I don’t hate you because you gay. I think that’s a choice, I believe that’s a choice. Every guy who’s gay, that’s a woman out there for him, he just must need to date a stronger woman, or a bodybuilder or somebody more butch,” he said in the interview.

“I always see women with a chick, they got on the same outfit I got on. What the fuck is that about? Why you dating somebody who looks like me? You could be dating who’s got all the equipment.”

Crawford goes on to say that we should teach future generations to “how to be men and women before we try gay and lesbian and shit, because that shit is just redundant.”

“At 25 I think you can be gay. If you decide you want to be gay at 25, that’s fine. But try pussy for the first years – try pussy out. Young ladies, try a dick out. You’re gonna find a good dick out there, try one!”

The actor also shared his disappointment with the rise of LGBT visibility in children’s programming, explaining he “had to change the channel” when his six-year-old son was watching a cartoon where a child has two mothers.

“If TV gonna make my kid gay, I’m not gonna accept that. If you wanna be gay, see the world first,” Crawford said.

“I don’t think cartoons is a fucking venue for homosexuality. I just don’t think it. I don’t think I should have to see a gay character, they’re trying to put in your kids mind: Oh! I’m born gay! The jury’s still fucking out on that.”

Crawford also added that his father is gay and married to another man, so he believes he cannot be homophobic.

“I don’t have nothing against gay people, because my father’s gay. He’s a gay man.”

“He married a white man… and I’m asking questions, what should I call him, step-dad or step-mom? I said, which one is the man? I wanted to know!”

The comedian has since posted an apology to Twitter.

“To the gay community I want to apologize for my choice of words if it offended anyone,” he wrote.

“I apologize not that I’m afraid but because I am man and a man of God and it’s not my job to hurt or condemn but to entertain and inform my way.”

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