British series ‘The Bisexual’ coming to streaming service Stan

British TV series The Bisexual will screen in Australia on streaming service Stan. The show is created by writer and director Desiree Akhaven who was behind the critically acclaimed film The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

Akhaven also acts in the show playing Leila, a New Yorker who has lived in London for several years. Leila splits up with girlfriend Sadie played by Maxine Peake, and begins dating both men and women.

In an interview earlier this year Akhaven said she wanted to explore how people react to people who are bisexual.

“It is so taboo that I feel uncomfortable saying it. The root of all of this, the reason I wanted to write all this, is because I hated calling myself that. I think people think, ‘Why would you not choose?’ And I think it’s hard for people to relate to, being equally attracted to men and women.” Akhaven said.

The series will appear on Stan later this year.

OIP Staff


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