BT Financial Group Show LGBT Youth It Gets Better


It was announced in May that BT Financial Group would become a principle partner of It Gets Better Australia, a not for profit aiming to reduce bullying and anxiety for young LGBTIQ people.

BT Financial Group (BTFG) Chief Executive Officer, Brad Cooper, said the sponsorship and ongoing programs within BTFG are about supporting LGBTI youth with the challenges they face due to community attitudes and the pressure and isolation felt when coming out.

The organisation have made a video featuring BT Financial Group, St. George and Westpac employees sharing their own coming out stories in the hope that doing so will make LGBTIQ teens feel supported and confident that it gets better for sexuality and gender diverse people in adulthood.

The group are also participating in Wear It Purple Day, a national event that aims to encourage people to wear purple as a visible show of solidarity for LGBTIQ Youth. BTFG Financial Group Executive Officer Brad Cooper explained why he felt the company’s participation in the event is important, citing a report from The National LGBTI Health Alliance that 80% of LGBTI people in Australia experience public insults, 20% explicit threats and 13% physical assault.

“This lack of acceptance and bullying has a knock-on effect for social and health outcomes, making it more likely for these youths to suffer mental health problems, drop out of school, use drugs, run away from home and even commit suicide,” Mr Cooper said.

Take a look at BTFG’s It Gets Better video below to see their messages of support for LGBTIQ youth.

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