Build Your Relationship Skills

Relationships Australia are offering a weekend course for same-sex couples who would like to develop better relationship skills. Entitled Building Better Relationships, the course helps couples to develop and practice some of the skills that assist couples to face challenges and work through differences.

Based on a popular course the organisation runs for heterosexual couples, the weekend covers skills required by all couples as well as looking at issues specific to same-sex couples.

Topics include:

•   Developmental stages of a relationship.

•   Family of origin issues including the fashioning of expectations of relationships and ways in which we learned to show affection, express anger and communicate.

•   Skills to implement in times of need to turn to each other during stress and challenge.

•   Managing emotions, including anger.

•   Communication skills, both as speaker and listener.

•   Accepting, managing and celebrating difference.

•   Conflict resolution skills.

The course facilitates the development of skills through experiential exercises and discussion. Building Better relationships runs from the 20th to the 22nd of April at

For details of costs and to book a place at the workshop call 9489 6322 or email [email protected] For further information regarding the course contact Elizabeth Brennan via [email protected]

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