Calisthenics with Cred: Work out anywhere, anytime!

Street Workout World Cup and Street Workout World Champion, Stephen Hughes-Landers hails from the UK and is a devoted athlete. Since moving to Perth, Stephen has created a community in Perth; a no pressure, group of people who can motivate and inspire each to get active and moving.

Calisthenics has been around for decades and is essentially a series of bodyweight exercises (squats, pull-ups and crunches) and gymnastics. The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words “kallos” for beauty and “thenos” for strength. Stephen says that this type of exercise doesn’t require any equipment, so you can work out anywhere. While I know this in theory, I have never been put through my paces by an expert whose fitness is based purely on street workouts.

Stephen and I meet at a park in Ascot, which has some pretty serious looking bars and benches for us to make use of.  After a quick warm up our first exercise was a Superman push up, that involves exploding off the ground and hitting a Superman style position mid-air. Immediately I started to experience doubt and fear, after some instruction we worked through the move and what do you know? This boy can fly.

This is how a lot of the exercises unfolded, a challenge and then an opportunity to conquer a fear, doing something I had no idea was even possible for me. Was I perfect, no way, but I was a step closer to achieving these crazy tricks.

We then ran through a traditional style bodyweight circuit, as we discussed Stephen’s passion for movement and community. His view point on the world and his desire to create a space for people to move is infectious. After our circuit, we worked through some moves on the bars and finished the work out with high-fives and hugs.

Sound like your sort of work out? Stephen is currently creating workout times and locations around Perth parks. Prices are yet to be confirmed but after chatting to the man I know this will be affordable to everyone. Community classes are free for all (just message @iambarstarzz for times/days), and until next time I will see you on the streets!

Zac Gower

Image:- Shot By Thom

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