Can you sing like Freddie Mercury? – of course you can’t.

Freddie Mercury is undoubtedly one of the great pop singers of all time, so when an email asks if you can sing as well as the late Queen front man, the answer seems obvious.

No you cannot, and I definitely cannot.

But is there a chance I could take over in front of one of the world’s greatest rock bands if Adam Lambert is suddenly unavailable? A new website allows you to put a solid spike in that fantasy by analysing your covals against Mercury’s powerful delivery.

Created by the Phoenix Trust, the charity set up by Mercury’s bandmates and the group’s manager following his death, and YouTube, the Freddiemeter website measures how much you can stay in tune, the timbre of your vocals and your ability to hold a melody while singing one of four Queen hits.

For the record my attempt on Bohemian Rhapsody scored 100% for tibre, but a lowly 17 for melody and a pithy 13% for staying in tune.

In the last 27 years, the Trust has funded over 1,000 projects across 56 countries in the global battle against HIV/AIDS, giving away over $17 million.

Head over to the Freddiemeter and consider becoming a donor to the charity. If you can score 100% on all three meters let us know.   

Graeme Watson