Catherine McGregor predicts 2020 backlash against the “queer mafia”

Political commentator Catherine McGregor has predicted that the religious freedom debate will be one of the big issues of 2020, and says it will bring a backlash against the “queer mafia”.

Appearing on Sky News on New Year’s Eve McGregor told host Chris Smith that she thought 2020 would be the year where ordinary Australians would show they’d had enough of the “bullying from the queer mafia.”

“I really think it’s going to intensify.” McGregor said of the debate over religious freedom in Australia, citing the examples of Margaret Court and rugby player Israel Folau.

“I think a lot of ordinary people are getting tired of this bullying from the queer mafia, and there’s going to be a backlash next year.” McGregor said.

The conservative commentator said she believed the coalition were better postured to make the case for changing the laws than the Labor party.

Liz Storer, CEO of lobby group Advance Australia, who was also appearing on the program, said she agreed “absolutely” agreed with McGregor’s statement.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had initially promised to introduce the legislation regarding religious anti-discrimination laws before the end of 2019, but at the last minute withdrew the bill and put forward an alternative version which has alarmed LGBTI rights advocates.

OIP Staff

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