Check out the new tune from queer artist That Brunette

That Brunette (aka Madeline Mondrala) is a Brooklyn based experimental pop songwriter and performer. She’s previously released music under her own name but she’s now working under the moniker That Brunette and her latest offering has just dropped.

Premiering on website Audiofemme Platonic is an instantly catchy tune that you’ll be singing along to.

Alongside her new song That Brunette also has released a line of merchandise and she’s donating all the profits to black drag queens in her local neighbourhood of Brooklyn.

The merchandise was created in collaboration with graphic designer Florencia Alvarado, who is also the co-editor of Women on Women, a publication of art and poetry made by LGBTQ+ women.

“Florencia has been the perfect person to collaborate with on the shirts. Our aesthetics blend together in such a natural way,” Mondrala told Audiofemme.

“I want to give back to Black people in a tangible way. This allows me to give funds directly to people whose art I’ve loved and admired for years,” she explains. “Especially in a pandemic when it’s basically impossible to support Drag Queens in person at the clubs, it just feels right to continue supporting them financially in some way when I’d normally be out tipping my queens every weekend.”

Check out more of her sounds on her Soundcloud

OIP Staff, Image: Florencia Alvarado

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