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DSC_4836It was a cold Friday night back in July when we met Chris Nosiara in a city centre warehouse to talk about his first single ‘Wanderer’.

Preparing to shoot the video for the song Nosiara is wearing stripes of paint across his face, a modern day Adam Ant, and he stands patiently on the set as lights are delicately adjusted to and fro to create just the right look. The film clip is being directed by Cassandra Archer, photographer Angelo Di Benedetto is helping adjust the lights, as the team try to get the shadows to fall across Nosiara’s face in just the right way.

On the monitor screen Nosiara is transformed, on the screen he’s not quite as tall and lanky as he is in real life. While the production team debate various gels and camera angles Nosiara bounces around the space, circling his arms in the air. When the crew takes a break we chat about what it feels like for the singer to be making his first video.

“It’s feels amazing,” said Nosiara, “It really takes me out of my comfort zone. I’m used to performing on stage, so I’m not nervous about doing something in front of people, but this is different, because I don’t know how I’m going to look on the camera, I just have to trust what everyone else says, it’s a bit scary but it helps that I’m working with my friends”

Like many performers today, Nosiara has built up a legion of fans through social media including Facebook and YouTube. He often appears online with his guitar delivering his interpretation of songs by Lana Del Ray, Frank Ocean and Ellie Goulding, occasionally he’s also played his own original tunes.

Nosiara explains that ‘Wanderer’, the song he’s chosen to be his first official release, was written a few years ago but has evolved dramatically to become the mix of electronica, guitars and a thumping drum beat that it is today.

“I wrote the song quite a few years ago now, maybe three or four years ago. I wrote it after high school during my first year of Uni, it’s a bit of a break up song. I was dating a guy and we had a bad break up. It was a bit of a love sick situation where I felt I had to say something to him, but it was all bottled up inside. Writing a song about it was my way of getting it out there.

“It sounded completely different when I first wrote it, it was written purely with acoustic guitar and over time I’ve changed a lot of the verses for the new version.”

Nosiara’s hopes for the single are modest. He’s just eager to put out some music and gage the reaction from his existing fan base and hopefully find some new supporters.

“I want to get a reaction back from the people who already support on me on YouTube and Facebook, I just want everyone to hear it and then find out what people think of the song and the video and the style we’ve chosen.”

‘Wanderer’ is available now though iTunes, the video will be screened for the first time at a launch at The Court Hotel on Saturday November 16th. Take a listen to the track below.

Graeme Watson

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