Connections Nightclub issues apology over offensive images

Connections Nightclub has issued an apology over imagery promoting an upcoming Halloween Party in a way that was offensive to First Nation Australians.

On their Instagram page the popular nightclub offered an apology.

“On Wednesday, we published an online promotional image for Halloween that was deeply offensive to elders and First Nations people within our community, and whose name, slogan and imagery we deeply apologise for and have removed.

“As a country founded on the slaughter and destruction of culture, referencing the pillaging of villages is totally inappropriate and hurtful and the posts have been taken down.

“We would never knowingly be disrespectful or disrespectful to the Custodians and traditional owners of the Land and deeply regret disappointing and causing offence to anyone, particularly those amongst our First Nations community and allies within the LGBTIQA+ community.

“The intentions of the theme was to explore a Queer interpretation of the origins of what we now call ‘Halloween’ from pre-Roman and Pre-Christian Pagan calendars and societies in Northern Europe.

‘No offense was intended to any of the First Nations people here or indeed anywhere in the world.

“We can and absolutely will do better on in these matters. We greatly appreciate engage the engagement and dialogue from organisations and groups that help us to learn from mistakes and further progress and improve our venues culture, inclusivity, practice and procedures.” the venue said,

Local grassroots advocacy group Boorloo Justice first raised concerns over the now-deleted imagery on social media, urging the venue to take this as a learning point.

“Using this kind of language is making light of a dark of most Indigenous people’s history,” the group published.

“Not to mention the countless other problematic feedback we have received about this also unknowingly and ignorantly appropriating r*pe culture. Implying people can be ‘pillaged’.

“We aren’t looking to be nasty, or asking to cancel anyone. We are asking for accountability and transparency with the unintentional offence that has been caused.”

The apology comes after the venue made a renewed commitment to improve its operations after examples of black face being performed at the venue were highlighted. Examples of racist performances and cultural misappropriation drew apologies from venues, performers and from this publication.

The apology over the latest error has been welcomed by First People’s Rainbow Mob WA, the advocacy organisation that is the peak body for all things Indigenous LGBTQA+ in WA.

They shared with OUTinPerth that they had worked together with Connections to resolve the issue, and fully support the subsequent apology, citing it as an example of how organisations can work together to create a better inclusive community.

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