Conrad Le Bron Heads to NYC

Conrad Le BronPerth raised actor Conrad Le Bron has just finished filming a small part in John V Soto’s latest feature film ‘The Reckoning’ with Luke Hemsworth and Jonathan LaPaglia. The young actor shares that his first experience of being on a feature film set was an exciting one,

“It was awesome, I didn’t want to leave,” said Le Bron, “You have your first day of filming and you get your makeup call and you go in and they shaved my head and did this Goth eye makeup and piercings and stuff like that and then when you finally do get to set you’re there for like ten minutes.”

The next stop for the actor is to try his luck in New York. Le Bron admits he fell in love with the city the first time he visited.

“I’ve been to both New York and LA before a few times and I fell in love with that city, and outside of Perth I’ve never been anywhere and gone wow this feels like a second home.”

The actor considers what it is about ‘The Big Apple’ that he finds so attractive,

“I think it’s the people, and I think it’s the vast array of people and their different cultures all just colliding, and anything is possible there. In general, I am generalising, but in general Americans root for you and when you share ‘Oh I’m an actor and I’m moving here and this is what I’m up to’ they’re like ‘Yeah man, you go for that, you do that, you should meet this person and this person’. Where as in Perth comparatively people say ‘Okay maybe you should consider something a bit more realistic’.

Keep up with Conrad’s progress in the USA via his Facebook page.

Graeme Watson

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