Cory Bernardi discovers fashion moment from 2017

Former Liberal MP Cory Bernardi says the latest fashion trend for men is lace shorts.

On his Friday night Sky News program Bernardi said “The latest fashion trend” was pastel coloured lace shorts from Los Angeles based brand Hologram City.

“I’m hoping this doesn’t get any traction at all” the politician turned news host said.

“I reckon they’d make a lot of people vomit if they saw a bloke wearing that down the street. This is what the world is coming to?” Bernardi said, before going on to talk about the possible existence of aliens walking amongst us.

The ‘fashion trend’ highlighted by Bernardi is hardly new though. The outfits he highlighted were featured in a video from queer pop star Cazwell in 2017 – four years ago.

Created for Cazwell’s Loose Wrists video which is about challenging ideas of masculinity, the outfit was a collaboration between the singer and the fashion brand.

“Whether we are gay or straight, when men get in touch with their feminine sides, it gives a real sense of empowerment,” Cazwell said back in 2017.

Given the ever-changing fashion world has been through sixteen seasons since the launch of the lace garments, it’s probably safe to say the trend didn’t take off in the mainstream fashion world.

While Bernardi is four year’s behind in his discussion on fashion, it’s an improvement from last week’s show where South Australian Senator Alex Antic talked about how he’d be opposed to allowing transgender and non-binary people being able to get passports that didn’t include their birth gender, seemingly unaware that Australia actually brought in changes 11 years ago.

The hour long Bernardi show is touted as an opportunity for Bernardi to deliver “deep insight and his broad political experience” on important issues. So far this year Bernardi has discussed his childhood love of his Mr Potatohead toy and his concern about Netflix’s dating show Sexy Beasts.

However, If you’re looking for a Pride night outfit to stand out from the crowd, the team at Hologram City have some distinctive choices in their online store.

OIP Staff

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