Cory Bernardi is all worked up about dating show ‘Sexy Beasts’

Netflix has a new dating show with a twist. Rather than just meeting for a blind date all the contestants are in disguise dressed as scarecrows, mythical beings and various animals.

Take a look at the trailer, it’s all a little bit bonkers, but looks like good fun.

Former Liberal party MP turned Sky News host Cory Bernardi has described the show as “disturbing” and alluded to it’s being proof that his claims that same sex marriage would lead down a slippery slope that lead to a push for bestiality to made legal.

“This is just really weird and you might just say ‘it’s stupid television’ but there’s a group of people out there who declare themselves to be furries. They’re people who like to dress up as animals and pretend that they are actually animals as part of their relationships.

“They’re celebrating this, saying that they can finally come out of it public, and this is a celebration of their lifestyle. I think it’s a celebration of how insane the world has gone.” Bernardi said on his Friday night show.

Bernardi’s rant about dating shows follows his in-depth comments on changes to the Mr Potato Head toys.

The hour long show is touted as an opportunity for Bernardi to deliver “deep insight and his broad political experience” on important issues. Lets hope he never discovers the existence of fancy dress parties.

OIP Staff

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