Craig Hill – King of the Kilts

criag hill crop“You’ll never guess what I’ve been up to today!” exclaims Scottish comedian Craig Hill as he calls OUTinPerth, “Leather kilt shopping, oh my, I’ve never known such excitement.”

The traditional Scottish garb is always quite a sexy look, but Hill agrees that a leather kilt is even sexier than the standard woolen version.

“Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!” Hill agrees to the statement, “I’ve always had a fake leather one that looks really good, it’s imitation leather and it moves beautifully.”

The comedian laughs at our shock that all this time he’s been donning a pleather kilt rather than the real thing.

“Well it has not be, I dance so much on stage and I tried on a real leather one years ago and it was too heavy and it didn’t move very well.

“I’ve always secretly wanted to buy a real leather one, if I could just find one in a soft leather.” Hill shared, “Then this guy showed up to my show in Melbourne looking better than me.

“I’ve been doing comedy for years and I’ve a lot of kilts but this guys looked better than mine. So I asked him where he got it, and it told me ‘I got it from a sex shop in Sydney!’”

While he’s an avid kilt wearer, Hill says he does shun the more traditional version.

“I don’t want to look like everyone in Scotland who’s on their way to a wedding. The team at Twenty First Century kilts have been creating things for me for years. I’ve got one in camouflage, I’ve got leather, denim. red PVC, I got one in white wool and another in black pin stripe.” Hill said.

Hill said he was overjoyed to finally be getting a real leather kilt, although after his fitting he’s had to be patient as his new kilt will have to be specially ordered as it wasn’t quite hanging properly.

“The kilt that is, not me’, he clarifies.

Craig Hill is performing in Perth this weekend as part of the Perth Comedy festival