Daniel Andrews says politicians pushing trans debate are cruel

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has shared his view on the debate over transgender people that has dominated the federal election campaign, saying it’s down to “desperate people who are in to wedge politics.”

“What’s the problem we’re trying to fix here? I’ve been in the parliament for 20 years and I’ve never had a school community come to me and raise this issue.” the Premier said to the media on Sunday morning.

“I’ve never had a parent come to me, I’ve never had a teacher come to me, and raise this issue. Let me be very clear about something. Trans kids are 15 time more likely to self harm, 15 times, and anyone who thinks that this debate, where no one can point to a problem, like what is the problem we’re trying to solve here? 15 times more likely to self harm.

“I don’t think this debate is doing any of those young Victorians any good, or their parents. It’s not easy to be trans, there are many many challenges, there’s a lot of stigma, there’s a lot of prejudice.

“I don’t think adding to that is particularly kind, I think it’s cruel in fact.” the Premier said.

“Seems to me that the adults in this debate are altogether more cruel than the kids, and that’s a damning indictment on those who are pushing this,” Andrews said.

“What’s next? A trans girl can’t play a female role in the school play? Like, is this the biggest issue in our nation today? I don’t think it is.

“And I think only desperate people, who are into wedge politics, who are trying to deflect from the fact that they have been in power for almost a decade and they’ve done precisely nothing with it, would push this.”

The issue of transgender woman playing sport has been thrust into the political spotlight after Prime Minister Scott Morrison selected Save Women’s Sport CEO Katherine Deves to be the Liberal candidate for Warringah.

The PM has stood by Deves despite a torrent of comments she’s made in the past being highlighted in the media. Earlier this week a new campaign was launched calling for a federal inquiry into transgender health treatment and bans on trans people using bathrooms that align with their gender.

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