Darren Hayes: There’s no chance of a Savage Garden reunion

Signer Darren Hayes has shut down suggestions of a reunion of Savage Garden, saying his relationship with bandmate Daniel Jones is “dysfunctional and toxic”.

Hayes was taking part in an online ‘ask me anything’ session with fans when somebody asked him if there was any chance of a reunion to coincide with the twenty fifth anniversary of the band’s first release.

Hayes was quick to bring any speculation to a close ruling out any possibility of him creating new music or going on tour with his former sidekick, saying a reunion at this point in time would right be seen as “calculated BS”.

“Imagine if you had come out of, and survived a really dysfunctional and toxic relationship, and for years later people kept asking you to please get back in that relationship.” Hayes said opf the suggested reunion.

The Australian duo put out their first single I Want You back in 1996 and went on to release two albums of material that hit the top of the charts around the globe. Truly, Madly, Deeply, The Animal Song, Break Me Shake Me, Affirmation, I Knew I Loved You and To The Moon and Back  were just a few of the duo’s hit songs.

After the band broke up Hayes launched a solo career which has seen him release an further four albums, alongside an experimental side project called We Are Smug. The last decade however has not seen any new music appear as Hayes has focused on a new career in comedy.

With no hopes of a reunion fans will just have to be satisfied watching old videos with the hope of being taken to a place where crystal minds and magenta feelings take up shelter in the base of your spine.

OIP Staff

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