David van Gend argues that Emperor Nero’s model of marriage has returned


David van Gend, the President of the Australian Marriage Forum, has authored an article for ‘The Australian‘ comparing the current legal action in Tasmania against the Catholic church to the execution of Christians by Roman Emperor Nero.

Sharing the story of the Roman leader from 64 A.D. Dr van Gend said the disaster of the Fires of Rome and the execution of Christians including the execution of Peter, the first Bishop of Rome is similar to the current situation faced by the Bishop of Hobart Julian Porteous.

In the article Dr Van Gend said Bishop Porteous is latest Christian being “thrown to the lions” and is facing society is facing a ¬†homosexual juggernaut that crushes foundational liberties of speech and conscience in the name of counterfeit equality.

Dr Van Gend is critical of marriage equality advocates who disagree with the religious position that homosexual acts are morally wrong arguing that the true motivation behind the push to change the marriage laws is to silence those believe in a religious viewpoint.

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