Demand for Relationship Counselling

Elizabeth Brennan at Relationships AustraliaGay and lesbian couples are keen to access relationship and family counselling services, according to Relationships Australia (WA).  Last November the organisation conducted a Diverse Sexuality Survey, with the goal of ascertaining the the level of awarenessof, and demand for, Relationships Australia services amongst WA’s gay and lesbian community.

Elizabeth Brennan, Relationships Australia WA’s Manager of Community Education, said that the survey showed that many in our community, ‘were not aware that Relationships Australia was same-sex-friendly. A widespread view was that we provided only marriage guidance counselling.’

Ms Brennan, who has been an advocate for relationship services for same-sex couples for some years, said that Relationships Australia WA were keen to establish themselves as a place same-sex couples could go for assistance, adding that the results of the survey had established that there was a demand for a range of services in the community,

‘The response showed that services on negotiation and communication skills, as well as parenting skills, would be attractive to same-sex couples.’

For further information n Relationships Australia courses for same-sex couple in WA see

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