Dirty Versachi returns with new single ‘Resting Power’

Dirty Versarchi

Triple-threat drag queen Dirty Versachi returns with their new single Resting Power, accompanied by the vivid, lockdown-DIY video.

Combining introspective writing with euphoric moments, Resting Power is described as a laid-back track you can both dance and cry to.

Teaming up with co-producers Moses Carr, Andrew Huhtanen McEwan (Huntly) and mixing engineer Tim Watt (MUTO, Golden Features), the single pays homage to 90s house music in the eclectic and experimental beat, also taking inspiration from contemporary boundary-defying electronic and pop artists such as Yaeji, Charli XCX and Hot Natured, evident in the use of quirky sound effects that lighten the soundscape.

On the creation of the song, Dirty Versachi shared it was abut empowerment and self-love.

“I’ve been in many situations where I didn’t trust myself or my own judgement when it came to ending a relationship. For me, ‘Resting Power’ is about finding the energy to say, ‘I don’t have to take this anymore, I’m leaving.’ The line that differentiates what we accept as love can be blurry, so inherently it’s a song about self-empowerment and self-love.

“I hope people resonate with the concept of finding their ‘Resting Power’ – maybe they don’t have to stay in a shitty relationship, or they can honour their needs, and the process of doing so doesn’t have to be so serious. I wanted the song to feel light-hearted and fun, because that’s what self-love feels like to me.”

The video was shot by Dirty Versachi’s housemates during Melbourne’s latest COVID shutdown, the video explores feelings of paranoia and going a little bit crazy during lockdown. They were forced to innovate and turned their house into a DIY studio, learning how to green screen themselves in the process.

The video animation used in the alien scenes was created by their friend Remi Freer using an EMS Spectre Video Synthesiser (1975) of which there are only 5 in working order in the world.

Take a look at Dirty Versachi’s earlier release Sticky Fingers.

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