A radical new take on Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ opens this weekend

Western Australia’s Feminist Theatre Company, Tempest, will be presenting a production of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House at the Subiaco Theatre Centre this week.

Ibsen’s iconic play is reimagined as a bold one woman show.

Nora Helmer is often considered one of modern drama’s first feminist characters. A Doll’s House deals with women, their traditional roles in the family, and the price they pay when they break with tradition. This brand new feminist adaptation is told through Nora’s voice, in a one woman show. An intimate, painful exploration of a woman’s choice to leave her kids in order to survive.

Tempest will present a brand-new adaptation of Ibsen’s play that allows us insight into the most famous door slam in theatre history. One of the most performed plays in the world, the themes of the fate of women and femininity, and the true meaning of marriage, still ring true today.

The production is adapted and directed by PAWA award nominated director Susie Conte, and starring Siobhan Dow-Hall.

One of the most regularly performed plays in the world, A Doll’s House first premiered in Copenhagen in 1879. Ibsen intended to write a feminist play, highlighting the lack of opportunities for women. It was extremely controversial when it made it’s debut. Traditionally it is a three-act play with ten characters.

A Doll’s House, 29-31 October 29-31, Subiaco Arts Centre, 180 Hamersley Rd, Tickets on sale from Perth Theatre Trust. 

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