Drink Spiking in Northbridge

A Perth woman is lucky to be alive after her non-alcoholic drink was allegedly spiked in Northbridge last month.

WA resident Penny Vorpagel fell unconscious three times and was taken to Armadale-Kelmscott Memorial Hospital on Wednesday 9 March shortly after leaving the area.

Partner Maurine Moore said, ‘Her heart rate went up to 146 and then flatlined… I was so scared, they couldn’t resuscitate her for two or three minutes, I thought she was going to die’.

A toxicology report seen by OUTinPerth confirmed opiates were found in Vorpagel’s system while doctors treating her at the time suspected it may have been the date-rape drug Rohypnol due to the fast response time.

WA Police urged anyone who believed they were the victim of drink-spiking to immediately report the matter to the police and seek medical attention to have their blood/urine tested sampled by a doctor.

Benn Dorrington