Enter the world between life and death in Coma Land

Black Swan State Theatre Company’s upcoming production will take audiences on a journey into Coma Land, a world between life and death.

Created by Perth playwright Will O’Mahony (Tonsils + Tweezers, The Mars Project, Great White), Coma Land follows the story of child genius and piano prodigy Boon trapped in this bizarre new world trying to wake up.

O’Mahony’s latest work is a magical story celebrating children, difference, and the depths of parental love – asking “if it takes ten thousand hours to master something difficult, then why can it take a lifetime to accept something simple?”

The play was partially inspired by Andrew Soloman’s novel Far from the Tree – a dozen kinds of love, which explores what happens when children are born radically different from their parents.

Coma Land investigates a journey familiar to many parents; children will always defy your expectations, and the child you expect must always make way for the child you are given.

Coma Land will be at the State Theatre Centre from Thursday July 20th – Sunday August 6th. Tickets and more information available from BSSTC.com.au

OIP Staff

Image:- Robert Frith

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