Equality Comes to Vienna’s Crosswalks


As part of Eurovision Vienna has shown its support for same sex couples by changing some of the cities cross walk signs.

Instead of showing a single person crossing the road the signs at some cross roads now show a same sex couple.

The lights have been so popular the city has decided to keep them as a permanent fixture.

There are images of two males, two females and mixed sex couples. The lights are featured at 47 different intersections around the city.

While a right wing political party had threatened to sue over the lights claiming they were a waste of tax payers’ money, they have been popular and public support has led to the calls for them to remain.

The lights were originally installed in the lead up to the annual Life Ball – that raises money for HIV causes – and the Eurovision Song Contest. Originally they were scheduled to be removed after the city’s Pride festival in June.

Graeme Watson


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