European Court decrees same-sex partnerships are human right

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The European Court of Human Rights have ruled that all signatories of the European Convention on Human Rights should legally recognise same-sex relationships as a human right.

‘Oliary and Others v. Italy’ saw three same-sex couples bring a case against the Italian government, which remains the last country in Western Europe to legally recognise same-sex couples.

The ruling extends to all members of the European Convention on Human Rights, including nations who have major issues with discrimination against the LGBTIQ community – such as Russia and Turkey. While the ruling confirms legal recognition as a right, the countries involved have a sovereign right to decide how that recognition will manifest as local law.

“This ruling makes clear that same-sex partnerships deserve to be recognised, protected, and celebrated, and we urge all signatories to do so,” says Deputy Director of Human Rights Commision Global, Jean Freedberg.

“From the victorious national referendum in Ireland in May to the historic ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court last month, the momentum for equality reaches around the globe.”

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