Evangel’s Second Preference: Australian Christians

image_3In the lead up to the WA State Election, Liberal candidate for Perth Eleni Evangel has distributed flyers detailing how to preference your vote come voting day. What has caught the attention of some is that Evangel notably suggests voting for the Australian Christian candidate, Kevin Host, as second preference for the Legislative Assembly.

Evangel has recently targeted gay voters, inviting Liberals to LGBT venue The Court Hotel for a campaign that encouraged attendees to vote Liberal this Saturday.

Despite Evangel targeting the LGBT community for votes, her “How to vote Liberal’” flyer clearly indicates a “2” next to Kevin Host, a candidate that represents a party rampantly against gay rights.

The Australian Christian Party have clearly outlined that they “reject support for homosexual marriage” and “oppose homosexual civil unions and relationships registers”. Over the last year the Australian Christian Party have attracted public attention with their anti-gay campaigning.

Evangel has expressed her lack of alliance to the Greens Party, her flyer indicates that voters should put the Greens second-to-last come voting time.

This isn’t the first time Evangel has indicated that she believes the Greens shouldn’t receive first vote, in 2010 Evangel stated in the ‘Perth Voice’ that although she wasn’t trying to point fingers at the Greens,

“a lot of young people don’t know the ins and outs of what they’re voting for… they’ll vote for the alternative just because it’s the alternative”. Evangel made this statement whilst attending the Cory Bernardi breakfast, whom she believed to be “… quite a courageous spokesperson”.

Bernardi has since compared homosexuality to bestiality whilst opposing same-sex marriage rights.

Evangel was not available for comment.

Voting for the State Election will be commencing tomorrow, Saturday March 9th.

Nadine Walker

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