Farmer Dave’s thoughts on the marriage debate

Former Big Brother star ‘Farmer Dave’ Graham has shared his thoughts on the marriage debate voicing his support for change.

Back in 2006 Dave stunned Australia when he came out on national television while taking part in the reality TV show Big Brother. His declaration highlighted the challenges faced by gay people living in rural areas.

In a video uploaded to YouTube Dave said the current focus on marriage was a positive step for all of Australia recognising LGBTI people and their relationships.

“I want to thank everyone involved for making this a massive issue because, you know, when you’re alone and living in the bush a lot of times all you hear is the bad stuff.

“So this is extraordinary to hear that its a national issue to let people like me who want to fall in love, and want to spend the rest of their life with one person, it’s just incredible.”

Farmer Dave comments on the advertisements from the Coalition for Marriage that feature a mother complaining that her children might have to role playing what it’s like to be same-sex attracted.

“Newsflash! That’s what every gay person’s had to do nearly all their lives, especially people in the country, like me.” Farmer Dave said.

Farmer Dave said people should realise why there is a high suicide rate of LGBTI people in regional areas, and forcing people to be in the closet is not the answer.

“If your kid has to try, for like five minutes, to role play what it’s like to be like this, it’s not that bad Sheila.”

Farmer Dave said he had to lie about who he was to his family friends and community for 26 years, “It was terrible, how could anyone wish that upon anyone at all.”

The former TV star said the postal survey was only about whether gay couples could get married, but if people wanted to talk about the Safe Schools program he was happy to share his experiences of High School.

“I was spat on. I was abused. I was bashed, I was whacked. I was mistreated every single day of my school life, and I went to an all boys boarding school. Anything that would have been able to stop that…would have been a good thing.”

“Every part of the No debate is red herrings.” Farmer Dave said, imploring all Australians to consider what it would be like if you were not allowed to get married.

“Just put yourself in that mindset of ‘what if there was nothing I could change about myself, and the law said I was a second class citizen and I wasn’t allowed to get married.”

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