Feminem is still Mad As Hell


Local drag star Feminem took a big leap this year and created her own show for the Fringe Festival. ‘Mad as Hell’ was so popular it sold out before opening night.

Now Feminem is bringing the show back for an extra performance at Connections for everyone who didn’t get a chance to see it. While audiences flocked to see the show, many were surprised that the talented drag artist hadn’t ventured into the world of cabaret earlier.

“I think I just haven’t had the right concept before.” Feminem told OUTinPerth. “I’ve just been building the ‘Mad as Hell’ brand by default with my YouTube videos and my natural personality. Everyone knows that I can be a bit fiery. Creating a show just became the logical extension.

In her ‘YouTube’ videos Feminem delivers scathing opinions on the things that have driven her crazy and made her ‘mad as hell.’ The straight to camera monologues capture an essential part of the performer’s persona.

“The videos are completely unedited, there’s nothing planned, it’s completely raw. The show is a little different, it’s scripted but it’s very much in the same style of the video.” Feminem said.

There are a few things that annoy Feminem and can quickly see her turn into someone who is mad as hell. Uninvited touching and not respecting boundaries top the list but drive-thru service also gets a swipe.

“Oh, fast food that’s not fast! The frozen coke machine is not working, the ice-cream machine is not working.” Feminem lists off.

“From every walk of life there’s always someone who is doing something so far from the realm of reality that drives me insane.”

Don’t miss ‘Mad as Hell’ on Friday April 29th at Connections Nightclub. Grab tickets from www.connectionsnightclub.com

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