Femme Politika explores all things femme from a local perspective

Femme Politika is one of Perth’s newest publications. Editor Ysadora Alexander has created an open platform for anyone who identifies as femme or non-binary to explore and discuss issues concerning all things femme.

Now on their second issue, Femme Politika will shine a light on sex work, and take a closer look at the wide-reaching ramifications of a new bill that recently passed the US Congress.

The ‘Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act’ or FOSTA, was designed to target the promotion and facilitation of sex work with an online focus.

Sex work advocates in the US are concerned the broad language used in the bill could do more harm than good by preventing people from sharing safety information and stigmatising already marginalised sex workers.

“I’ve had so many people contact me, friends who’ve revealed they are sex workers, they really care about what [FOSTA] is all about,” Alexander said.

“A lot of people don’t seem to realise how much it’s going to affect us here.”

Alexander explains the impetus for creating the femme-focused zine was an attempt to bring online conversation to the physical world.

“There’s a lot of Facebook groups… but not so much offline. I grew up in the ‘90s with the whole Riot Grrl thing and loved their zine culture so I thought, ‘Let’s bring that back!’”

Femme Politika doesn’t solely focus on politics either, the publication will also celebrate femme identities in the arts and on the music scene.

“There’s something special about sandwiching all of this funky femme art in-between really hard-hitting issues that we really need to talk about.”

The upcoming sex worker special is no exception, bringing together discussions about safety, the law and a selection of art made by sex workers who have submitted to the publication.

Femme Politika’s Sex Worker Special will be on the streets this month. For more information, or to get involved, head to facebook.com/femmepolitika or email Ysadora at [email protected]

Leigh Andrew Hill

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