France end blood donation ban for same sex attracted men



French authorities will end blanket bans on donating blood for gay and bisexual men.

The bans, which are a relic of the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, prevented any male who has sex with other men from ever donating blood in the country.

The Netherlands recently took similar action, ending their discriminatory policy just last week.

Here in Australia, The Greens are calling for an end to gay donation bans as well.

Currently, same sex attracted men must abstain from any form of sexual intercourse for 12 months before they are able to give blood.

Greens Senator Robert Simms says it is a discriminatory policy, based on sexuality rather than science.

“Why should gay men who practice safe sex be prevented from donating blood?” Senator Simms said.

“Your capacity to give blood shouldn’t be determined by your sexuality.”

OIP Staff, image: Stock photo YayMicro|Wavebreakmdeia


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