Fred Nile’s new bill would allow discrimination against LGBTI people

New South Wales politician Fred Nile has introduced a bill into the state’s parliament that would allow for LGBTI people to be discriminated against.

The Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill (Religious Freedoms) would allow change New South Wales anti-discrimination laws so that religious bodies and individuals could refuse service to people because of their religious beliefs.

It would mean that florists, bakers and other service providers could refuse to serve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender  people.

Among the bills aims is to protect “certain conduct by persons who hold the belief or conviction that marriage and family are based on the concept of the union between one man and one woman or that a person can only be one of 2 genders (that is, either male or female).”

The bill has been welcomed by the Australian Christian Lobby, Managing Director Martyn Iles said the bill would be a small step in addressing Australia’s lack of religious freedom.

“Freedom of conscience and belief is among the most fundamental of human rights and it must be defended and protected by our parliaments.”

“At a time when many political leaders and institutions are becoming increasingly emboldened in their hostility towards faith, many ordinary Australians are feeling marginalised in their workplaces and communities.

“Whilst the bill won’t solve Australia’s serious religious freedom problem following the same-sex marriage vote, it is a welcome and significant step in the right direction.” Iles said.

OIP Staff

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