Full Disclosure

There is definitely something to be said about two British brothers who have shot rapidly to success on the UK music scene in just two years. Howard and Guy Lawrence make up the Deep House/Garage duo Disclosure, who recently gained international attention with their pumping October track Latch.

Aged just 18, the younger brother of the pair discussed with OUTinPerth how music was a huge part of growing up for the pair.
‘Every member of our family has played music professionally at some point, I’m from a really musical household… our dad was in a band and was a really good songwriter, our mum is a really good singer and keyboard player and our grandparents are classical musicians,’ said Howard.
The young talent laughed off the drastic change of genre from his classical grandparents, when asked what they thought of his tracks, ‘I think they like it purely because we’re making it.’
Having gained popularity with their tracks Tenderly and Flow earlier this year, the pair are excited to tour Australia with the Summadayze festival early next year.
Circulating the British pub/club scene for a couple of years, the brothers couldn’t quite contain their excitement about potential success Down Under,

‘everything I hear about Australia and our music just astounds me’, he said. For those hitting the popular festival this year, Howard promises a killer live performance ‘we basically bring an assortment of live instruments and we play as much of it as we can live and we have some of it on a track and we just mix it up we play a lot of keyboards, drums, percussions and stuff it’s quite a visual show’.
With a track that has hit crept to #11 onto the UK singles charts and a steamy music video to accompany (dripping in girl-on-girl action might we add), the pair are set to produce a highly anticipated album within the next year. When asked why Latch has done so well, Howard spoke of how writing a high pace love song with good vocals can work,

‘It’s a love song. I think it just made sense. The chords and the melodies and everything in the song – except the speed of it – is kind of that of a love song. If you slowed the song, if you did an acoustic of that, it would make sense still.’
Disclosure will be performing the at the Summadayze festival 2013.
Nadine Walker

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