Gabriel Fontana is Electric

Gabriel Fontana

Gabriel Fontana is a climbing up the charts in Sweden and getting some world wide attention for his tune Electric. 

Gabriel is originally from Brazil but now lives in Sweden. Last year he appeared on Swedish Idol (they still have Idol in Sweden?).

The judges didn’t pick Gabriel at the audition phase, but he went on to win the Alternative Idol Award and perform and shows grand finale.

Gabriel’s shared how’s he experienced homophobia when he’s returned to Brazil and spoken about how Sweden is a place where people aren’t judged for their sexuality.

In his youth Gabriel was often nicknamed Electric Gabriel because of his never-ending energy so he took that as the inspiration for his song. It starts off in Portuguese before turning into a classic Swedish pop gem.

The video sees the singer don hot pants and high heels that channel Kylie’s Spinning Around period before he shows off his dance moves and jumps in a pool.    

Follow Gabriel on Instagram and Facebook. Want to learn more about Gabriel watch is 50 facts video.

Take a look at Gabriel’s new video for Electric below.

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