Gay Asylum Seekers Told They Could be Reported to PNG Police

Amnesty InternationalA new report from Amnesty International says that gay asylum seekers on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea have been told by Australian officials that if they have any homosexual relations they will be reported to the local police.

The report comes after a five day visit to the off-shore detention centre by officials. In their report they raise a variety of human rights concerns at the centre.

The report shares that some gay men seeking asylum are afraid to disclose their sexuality because they are afraid of being repatriated permanently to Papua New Guinea.

Detainees also told Amnesty officials that they have been threatened with reporting to local authorities for prosecution if caught having consensual sexual relationships. While homosexuality is illegal in the country, there is no requirement for it to be reported.

The report also highlighted detainees who were under 18 years of age, difficulty in getting enough water, snakes and flooding in accommodation areas and several other areas of concern.

The full report can be read online.

The office of Immigration and Border Protection Minister Scott Morrison has been contacted for comment.

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