Georgia Lines shares video for new tune ‘No One Knows’

Georgia Lines

New Zealand’s Georgia Lines has slowly been building up her a loyal legion of fans, and her latest release No One Knows is sure to bring even more music lovers into the fold.

Her latest video has been choreographed by Chelsea Jade, and created by videographer, Alexander Gandar, who said he wanted to capture the space the song occupies where it teeters between different emotions.

“When I first listened to the song, I heard the quality that all great pop bangers have – a knife-edge tension, between elation and despair.” Gandar said. “You don’t know whether to cry or dance, so you do both. For me sadness and silliness are only ever a heartbeat away from each other in the emotional spectrum, so I wanted the video to exist in the same space: a strange melancholia punctuated by bursts of sad clown dancing.

“My long-time visual collaborator Chelsea Jade came on board as our choreographer. She and Georgia instantly clicked and over a few intense rehearsals, they devised this beautifully weird routine that I love. Georgia told us she’d never really danced before. I’m not sure I believe her.”

The song No One Knows intricately weaves together Georgia Lines’ vocals with production that moves seamlessly between delicate, quiet moments and soaring, uplifting energy; making for a heartwarming and affirming track.

“I loved working with Alexander and hope we get to work together again,” Lines said of the experience. “He’s such an incredible human with amazing ideas and has an incredible way of bringing those ideas into reality! Not many people would think of putting my face onto my own thumb… it’s brilliant and hilarious and the whole video is something I’m so proud of. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, but in a way that I felt supported and encouraged and it was such a fun video to create together! The whole concept is incredible and feels like a big leap forward.”

“Chelsea Jade was amazing to work with too and I felt so privileged to have her choreograph the dance and help me learn it. I don’t consider myself much of a dancer, but she was so encouraging and made it achievable for me to learn and execute well. Having her on set was so amazing too! I don’t think I could have done it without her. She’s amazing and such an incredible artist herself.”

Take a look at the video. 

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